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Surround your homes within a proper defensive perimeter. 12 curved & 2 straight Earthen embankments topped with a wattle wall should keep the raiders out and your two gate sections will allow various options to enter/escape your Dark Age or fantasy village. 

This full starter set contains everything needed for creating a multitude of embankment layouts plus three Round Houses for your village with wattle fencing. 


Limited time offer

For the Launch of our new Dark Age Earth Palisade range we've teamed up with the fantastic Wargames Atlantic to give you a FREE plastic frame of their fabulous Dark Age Irish!

Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish - free frame with this offer from Sarissa Precision whilst stocks last

Or upgrade your whole fort with a complete Dark Age Irish Warrior clan! Just £97.50, saving you over £30!

Wargames Atlantic upgrade offer for a limited time at Sarissa Precision

*whilst stocks last

Full details about the Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish Warriors can be found here


Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions. Models for scale are not included.

This kit is provided with a card roof. Thatched roofing material not included. 


Walls are 70mm / 100mm interior / exterior diameter 

(approx.) (50mm high)

Round Houses are 110mm / 200mm interior / exterior diameter (approx.)

Product Features Etched detailing
Material MDF & Card


Earth Palisade Gate Set (1 curved / 1 straight) with

Embankment End Caps - (1x J041)


Celt Curved Earth Wattle Walls - (4x J033)

2x Celt Earth Wattle Walls - (1x J034)


Celt Round House - (3x J036)

6x Celt Curved Wattle Fences - (1x J040)

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