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Battlefield Bundles

Build Your Battlefields.

One of the best ways to get started with terrain building is to pick a theme and grab a bunch of cool kits to form the core of your tabletop. 

We have made that as easy as possible by creating Battlefield Bundles. These World at War sets have been put together with the fundamental principles of:
  • Aesthetically fitting within a theme
  • Providing cover and obstacles for your troops
  • Enable the creation of challenging layouts
  • Enable you to create multiple new scenarios

The Streets Of Rome

You save £29.00

The Ultimate Buildings of Waterloo 28mm Co...

You save £95.00

Battlefield Set - Industrial Sabotage

You save £21.00

Battlefield Set - Escape & Evasion

You save £16.00

Battlefield Set - PoW Escape

You save £14.00

Prisoner of War Escape Set

You save £9.00

Radar Assault Scenery Set (28mm)

You save £9.00

Maison Forte Scenery Set (28mm)

You save £6.50

Industrial Factory Bundle 1 (28mm)

You save £11.00

Destroyed Town Scenery Set (28mm)

You save £8.50

Town Scenery Set (28mm)

You save £10.00

Border Checkpoint Scenery Set (28mm)