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About Us

AJ, Steve & Tricia, owners of the award winning Sarissa Precision


What do we do?
We design and produce a wide range of laser cut products for retail and trade at our units in Heanor & Langley Mill, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.

Our Products!

We have a huge, very well known and ever growing range of laser cut buildings and accessories for wargamers and model makers including but not excluded to; 
Buildings, Ships & Vehicles, Movement Trays, Bases, Templates, Tokens...

Your Products!

We also manufacture a large number of products and components for other manufacturers and retailers and are happy to work with you in bringing your product to the market.

Where can you get hold of all this cool stuff?

That's an easy one, you can buy it all right here on this website and to make it even better we ship worldwide as well with competitive shipping rates.

What if I can't see what I'm after? 

There is one simple solution to that problem, give us a shout and we'll either point you in the right direction or see if we can make it for you.

The Important Bit;

5 in a row - WI best wargames accessories for Sarissa Precision