Burrows & Badgers

"The town of Warren Percy was begun by a family of rabbits in the year 611, but quickly grew into a thriving town housing all manner of beasts."

Burrows & Badgers is a tabletop skirmish game that takes place in the Kingdom of Northymbra, a realm populated by mice, badgers, moles, toads, and other beasts. The rulebook published by Osprey Games contains all the information you will need in order to play games of Burrows & Badgers, as well as background information, details on creating your own warband, and how to run a campaign. In Burrows & Badgers, the opposing factions – known as warbands – are made up of metal model figures, available from Oathsworn Games collected and painted by you, with each representing a single hero.

Your tabletop becomes part of the Kingdom of Northymbra, the scene of the action. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent, and how you do this will vary from game to game, as you play through different scenarios.

We are delighted to be working with Oathsworn Games to bring you a lovely and characterful set of terrain that brings Northymbra to life. 

Welcome to Warren Percy...

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Warren Percy Town Set
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Highclere Hall
Rumbolt's Place