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English Civil War 15mm

Pike & Shotte Epic 15mm terrain. Fight in the bloody heart of Seventeenth-Century European warfare. Lead your Battalia through the Thirty Years' War on the Continent or make a stand in a field in England during the English Civil Wars. This Terrain is also great for any European wars through to the modern day.

15mm ECW Medieval Town & Country Battle Set

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15mm Medieval Market Town Set

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15mm Medieval Farm Set

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15mm ECW Star Fort (Sconce & Ravelin)

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15mm ECW Sconce With Gate (Star Fort)


15mm ECW Ravelin (x4)


15mm Medieval Grand Manor Set

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15mm Timber Framed Manor house


15mm Timber Framed Manor Gatehouse


15mm Manor Wall Sections (x12)


15mm Timber Framed Farmhouse


15mm Large Medieval Barn