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The ultimate guide to working with laser cut MDF kits from our head of design and award-winning author of our Quick and Simple Paint Guides, complete with a PDF copy so you can keep your physical copy pristine!

Choose this set and you'll also get a pdf of 8 sets of paper resources pdf's for your use

Gary takes you through both assembly and painting with 8 full and brand new paint guides and 8 technique guides on materials, modelling and assembly.

Each guide adds something more, the whole book has been written to dispel myths, answer questions and also to give you the confidence to try things for yourself. Get fantastic results quickly and simply right away and then work through the other more detailed sections.

This is the way we paint our kits, showing all the materials and tricks we use to get the results you see in the finished photos.

  • 148 pages
  • Introduction to the laser cutter and design process
  • Materials Section
  • 8 Step By Step Paint Guides
  • 8 Alternative Technique Guides
  • Resource Guide


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