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This quick paint and terrain guide aims to show how a few simple techniques and materials can create a really immersive piece of terrain. In fact, a small diorama that can be used for gaming or just look nice on the shelf.

We all dry brush and we all colour wash. This is a different take on the same processes. Brush pens are simply pens with a 'soft' brush-shaped nib. They come in a mad variety of colours too. Because they are pens they allow you to draw directly onto your buildings. They give an element of control that ink washes sometimes lack. They can be allowed to dry before weathering like a wash. This also means they can be washed off if you change your mind. I use them for both a full weathering as here or as an undertint before dry brushing over.



Gary Faulkner is head of the design department at Sarissa Precision and both he and the design team work hard to turn ideas and concepts into reality.
He is also responsible for most painted kits on the Sarissa Precision website.

This PDF guide comes from a series of award-winning articles on working with MDF for the international magazine Wargames Illustrated, so he knows what he’s talking about. This guide has been created to give you the quickest results with minimal effort whilst using easy-to-source supplies.

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