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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Sarissa Precision Planes Trains and Automobiles collection


If you are looking for something to liven up your terrain then a vehicle can add that little detail you may be missing. This collection contains all the vehicles, be it trains planes or just plain wheeled.

Or you can head to a more specific range which will include all the buildings and extras for each range here:

Aircraft, hangers and airfields

Trains, track, rolling stock and stations

Trucks, amphibians, buses, wagons and carts

If you need something more nautical why not look in our Ships and Boats collection.

RV (Recreational Vehicle) (28mm)


American School Bus (28mm)


DUKW (28mm)


Renault AHN (28mm)


Hanomag Heavy Tractor (28mm )


AEC Matador Refuelling Lorry (28mm)


AEC Matador Recovery Lorry (28mm)


AEC Matador Drop Side Lorry (28mm)


AEC Matador Flatbed Lorry (28mm)


The Great Panjandrum Set (28mm)