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Affordable Shipping Costs, Lightning Order Processing

Have we mentioned that we charge £5 for shipping regardless of what you order and where you live?

Now you may think that we must ship using the slowest method we can find but that's not the case.

UK orders are sent out using a 48hr parcel service but most should arrive the next day.

EU and Rest of the World orders are all sent via Airmail so depending on where you are in the world delivery should be around 3-10 working days. Of course, we can arrange couriers and special deliveries as required as well.

There must be another catch we hear you say, I bet you are really slow at processing stuff? Well no we are not. Orders are processed within two working days even if something is out of stock. We'll just cut one for you so there is no delay regardless of how busy we are. Our focus is always on getting orders out of the door as efficiently as possible and if that means cancelling games night then, so be it.

So when do we test kits and do our R&D. Well, that's all done offline, we have people who spend all day creating and testing, they have no impact or effect on production or order processing. All test cutting is done in the dead of night by the nightshift who batch cut large trade orders along with our own stock and also test cut kits while they listen to strange late night radio. The upshot is nothing effects our ability to process orders.

So, in summary, that means:

Affordable Shipping Costs, Lightening Order Processing.