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The basic earthwork sconce, or star fort, further developed through the late middle ages with the advent of black powder weapons. Principle changes were the increased slope angle using earth more than stone to absorb impacts from cannon shots.

If time permitted more earthworks in the form of Ravelin would be added to form a truly formidable defensive bastion.

Built during the English Civil War, the Queen's Sconce in Newark is a great example that can still be seen and visited today.

This set includes a full Star Fort (Sconce & Ravelin) that can cover @2' x2' (60cm x 60cm):

  • L501 - 15mm ECW Sconces (Star Fort x 4 Corners, x3 Straights, x1 Gated Straight)
  • L502 - 15mm ECW Ravelins (x4)


Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions W600 x D600 x H25mm (approx.)
Product Features Etched detailing
Material MDF
Contents 1x Star Fort (Sconce) plus 4x Ravelin

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