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As seen on page 14 of the upcoming game of night raids in World War II 02HUNDRED HOURS

Send your specialist commandos into the heart of enemy territory, meet up with resistance fighters and blow the key installation into oblivion!

The Battlefield Set - Industrial Sabotage creates the scene with enough terrain to cover a 3x3 ft table. Perfect for games set against the backdrops of WWII, Cold War, pulp, modern war or a post-apocalypse near future.

Contents include:


 This is a heavy set at over 2.5 Kg

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories shown are for scale purposes only and are not included

Dimensions i002: W150 x D110 x H140mm (approx.)
i003: W140 x D110 x H100mm
(Height 240mm including chimney )
i006: L100 x W150 x H110mm (approx.)
i007: L100 x W150 x H110mm (approx.)
i008: L100 x W150 x H110mm (approx.)
Materials MDF Greyboard

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