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Keep the dice contained from any 'untoward' interference when rolling in... The Marshport Derelict Dice Tower!

Designed to take the most common sizes of gaming dice, this tower readily accepts dice sizes up to 22mm.

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Designed to complement the the Sarissa Precision Marshport range, This Marshport Derelict themed tower is perfect for games such as Pulp Alley, 7TV, D&D and Warhammer-like games

Designed by Gary Faulkner (March Attack!)


Supplied unassembled in kit form with full instructions

Any models or accessories shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions L 200 x W 90 x H 190 mm (approx.) with an internal dice tray width of 58mm (approx.)
Product Features
  • Laser-etched accuracy
  • Full-colour double-sided printing
  • Durable Satin finish
Material MDF
Contents 1x Full-colour Dice Tower

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