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Build your Metropolis block by block providing a city for your heroes to protect.

All floors and roofs of this CityBlock set are removable allowing your gameplay to move into and through any building. Easily build downtown NYC with additional floors - perfect for any superhero (or Villain) action!

Each internal floor height is a minimum of 75mm.

[This is a Heavy set at 6Kg, as such a surcharge for postage will be applied at checkout.]

Set includes one each of the following:

  • C801 CityBlock Office Corner (40mm)
  • C802 CityBlock Office Corner Extra Floor (40mm)
  • C803 CityBlock Office (40mm)
  • C804 CityBlock Office Extra Floor (40mm)
  • C805 CityBlock Corner Building (40mm)
  • C806 CityBlock Corner Building Apartment Floor (40mm)
  • C807 CityBlock Shop (40mm)
  • C808 CityBlock Apartment Floor (40mm)
  • C810 Porta Cabin Set (40mm)
  • C811 CityBlock Apartment (40mm)
  • C812 Gas Station (40mm)


Why not increase the height of your apartment or office blocks by adding additional flooring with one or more of the CityBlock Additional Floor (40mm) sections.


Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories (vehicles, figures etc.) shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions See individual products
Product Features Laser-etched detail
Stackable design
Removable roof & floor levels
Material MDF
Contents 5x Apartment / Office buildings plus Gas station and Porta Cabins

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