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Keep your newly appointed Baron safe and sound in their new Motte-and-Bailey Castle. The combination of a tall mound of earth, a wood keep and a surrounding raised earth rampart with an outer ditch presented the 11th Century warriors with a severe obstacle to overcome!


  • 1x Norman Keep - J008
  • 1x Raised Earth Palisade Short straight (x2) - J053
  • 2x Raised Earth Palisade Medium straight (x2) - J054
  • 1x Raised Earth Palisade Gate - J055
  • 3x Raised Earth Palisade long straight - J056
  • 4x Raised Earth Palisade Corner - J059
  • 1x Raised Earth Palisade Ladders (x4) - J060
  • 1x Motte (with steps) - J061


Provides four lengths of defensive wall, each over 500mm long


This is a heavy set at nearly 3kg, as such it will have a shipping surcharge applied at checkout.


Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions. Miniatures shown for scale are not included.


Curved segments are 125mm x 125mm exterior 90 degrees (approx.)

Straight sections are 60mm in height to the walkway and 90mm in height to top of the palisade (approx.)

Product Features modular walls
Etched detail
Material MDF & Card

1x Complete Motte & Bailey Castle

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