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Immortalised in cinema and military history, the mission at Roarke's Drift became the focal point of a battle between just over 150 British and colonial soldiers and thousands of Zulu warriors. The engagement was fought on 22 January, 1879, as part of the Anglo-Zulu War and immediately followed the British defeat at Isandlwana. This time, however, the British secured a famous victory.

Located in the centre of the mission, the hospital became the focal point for the first Zulu assault. During the battle, 10 patients and six privates were responsible for the hospital's defence. Fighting both in and around the hospital ebbed and flowed throughout the initial stages of the battle, with the British using bayonets and rifle butts against the Zulus’ assegais. Eventually the Zulus breached the walls of the hospital and the roof was set alight. Realising they had to withdraw, the surviving hospital defenders and patients eventually escaped by exiting the building through a small window. At that point, they had to fight their way through the Zulus, creating a savage melee through the abandoned courtyard to the relative safety of the cattle kraal and store at the opposite end of the defensive perimeter.

The hospital was comprised of 11 rooms, had loopholes for rifles and a thatched roof.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories (including thatch and Terrain Tile base) are shown for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions W395 x D215 x H120mm (approx.)
Product Features Etched detailing Removable roof
Materials MDF Greyboard
Contents 1 x hospital

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