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Send in your patrol to secure this village compound. Use the tight confines within the twisting alleyways to reduce your enemies' combat effectiveness in house-to-house combat.

Utilising the Sarissa Precision innovative Terrain Tile System, the Skirmish Compound Charlie set is fully modular and can be expanded with additional Compound Alpha and Bravo sets.

An ideal starter for many games in the modern era such as Skirmish Sangin, this set fully locks together to cover an approximate area of 300mm by 400mm.



This compound is composed of two houses mounted on L-shaped Terrain Tiles, two smaller buildings and a single wall section.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories shown for scale purposes are not included.


Typical Single building; W200 x D100 x H65mm

Combined set; W300 x D400 x H65mm

Product Features Removable roof Etched detailing
Material(s) MDF Greyboard

1x Middle Eastern L-shaped Building with wall

1x Middle Eastern L-shaped Building

2x Middle Eastern Small Building with wall

1x Middle Eastern Compound Wall

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