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Chapter One.

Welcome to The Ruined City, a new system of modular kits from Sarissa Precision. Designed to create grand adventures in and below a smashed cityscape, The Ruined City makes your games of Frostgrave, Burrows & Badgers, D&D and Vanguard truly epic.

With its unique modular system and evocative design, The Ruined City can be used to create the intricate streets and galleries of Frostgrave II, Osgiliath or the bleak and open ruins of Kings of War, Oathmark and Warlords of Erehwon.

This set contains;

1x Low Walls (1 Wall section , 1 door/window section) (FG06) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

1x Wrecked Gate Section (FG07) - 200x100mm tile section

1x High Corner Window (FG08) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Corner Doorway (FG10) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High to Low Link Wall Set (2 sections with stack feature) (FG16) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

Image1 shows a setup in 200x400mm area if used in a locked setup or can be scattered on a larger area.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

This is just the beginning of your exploration of The Ruined City.

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