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Chapter Four.

Welcome back to The Ruined City, a complete system of modular kits from Sarissa Precision. Designed to allow you to create grand adventures in, above and below a ruined cityscape.

With its unique modular system and evocative design, The Ruined City can be used to create the intricate streets and galleries of Frostgrave, Mordheim and D&D or the bleak and open ruins of Kings of War, Oathmark and Warlords of Erehwon.

This set contains;

1x Low Corner Walls with window (1 corner wall section, 1 corner wall with window section) (FG01) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

1x High Corner Wall with Stairway (FG09) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Corner Wall with Doorway (FG10) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall with Two Windows (1 section with stack feature) (FG14) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall with Window & Door (1 section with stack feature) (FG15) - 100x100mm tile section

1x Level 1 & 2 corner wall with crenulations (stackable corner levels) (FG26)

1x Tower level with walkway (1 stackable tower level with a window and walkway) (FG25)

1x Level 1 wall with 2 windows (x2) (2 stackable level 1 walls, with two windows and walkway) (FG22)

Image1 shows a setup in 400x200mm area if used in a locked setup. You can scatter for a larger area or join with The Ruined City Chapter One set for infinite setup options.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

“Ever changing - there is little left to say how once this city stood so proud, so resolute. I climb, unnoticed, to higher levels still. Careful to avoid those decaying places upon the precarious walkways. Those below fight. With spear and lightning bolt they scour each other from amongst the ruins - yet still, they ascend further. Past galleries long forgot. Through temples abandoned by their gods. They come ever closer to discovering me, I must go deeper…”

Excerpt from The Ruined City Chapter Four

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