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Chapter Two.

In Chapter One we welcomed you to The Ruined City, a new system of modular kits from Sarissa Precision. We now take the first steps beyond the gateway to discover the ruined walls rising within. Designed with thematic decaying walkways, stairs and ladders to explore the high areas the unique modular system expands on the existing Chapter One set.

Whether you play Frostgrave, D&D, Kings of War, Oathmark or Warlords of Erehwon The Ruined City will provide an awesome backdrop or complete table to adventure within!

This set contains;

1x Low Walls set 2 (1 Wall section , 1 window section) (FG04) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

1x Tile and ladder set (FG03) - 100x100mm tile sections (2), 50x100mm tile sections (2), 50x50mm tile sections (4) plus assorted ladders and broken window/door frames

1x High Corner with Spiral Stairs (FG09) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall (1 section with stack feature) (FG12) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall with Two Windows (1 section with stack feature) (FG14) - 100x100mm tile section

1x Corner Walkway Stack Set (1 corner Wall with two windows and walkway plus 1 corner with crenelations and walkway) (FG18)

1x Wall Stack Set (2 stackable walls each with a window and walkway) (FG21)

Image1 shows a setup in 300x300mm area if used in a locked setup. You can scatter for a larger area or join with The Ruined City Chapter One set for infinite setup options.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

This is just the beginning of your exploration of The Ruined City.

“I am but a carrion thief, feeding on the marrow of this retched city. Yet some lofty spires still stand, leaving precarious ways for ones such as I. Of course, others now venture into the ruins seeking hidden riches. They too look up and search those twisting stairs for traps cunningly hidden for the unwary. They too cross the rotten boards and fractured crenelations seeking only what they know and desire. But they should beware, not all traps are so easily avoided. I should know for I set them, reset them, change them, adapt them. From my perch I see, I watch, I wait. A thief in the ruins? I have found power...”

Excerpt from The Ruined City Chapter Two

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