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Be it the repair of crumbling insulae or building a new city quarter, your everyday citizens won't bat an eyelid as the city revolts around them.

As seen in the Gangs Of Rome II Kickstarter. Battle in and around the scaffolding and partially finished Insulae, a perfect skirmish ground for any gang looking to control new turf in Gangs Of Rome...

Includes terrain to cover a good portion of a 3'by 3' table:

  • x2 T015 scaffolding set
  • x1 T016 Insulae Under Construction
  • x1 T037 Upper-Rank Block Under Construction
  • x1 T038 Insula Corner Under Construction Set
  • x1 T076 Upper-Rank Insula Corner with Flat Roof
  • x1 T077 Upper-Rank Shops with Flat Roof
  • x1 T078 Semi-detached Small House with Flat Roof

Heavy set - over 3Kg

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions Terrain will cover approximately 3 ft by 3ft
Material MDF & Greyboard
Contents x7 partially constructed and complete insulae, x2 sets of scaffolding and ladders

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