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Designed to jigsaw together with a straight outside edge, this table surround is designed with the Terrain Tile System (TTS) interlocking edges which enable the tiles to be positioned together neatly & securely. The design also allows the tiles to be offset within it by 10cm.

The Terrain Tiles are self-locking as each group of tiles are placed how you want in order to form a game scenario.

The TTS makes reconfiguring a game set up simple and quick while breaking with the convention of a square table. The addition of 100mm x 200mm and
100mm x 100mm tiles add more potential to your table layouts.

The contents of this set will make approximately a 1000mm (3ft 3&1/2")square area:

  • 4 x 150mm x 150mm Corner Tiles
  • 12 x 200mm x 50mm Tiles
  • 4 x 100mm x 50mm Tiles
These tiles are made from flat and plain 3mm MDF. We have produced a full guide to using our Terrain Tile System (otherwise known as TTS) find yours here

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