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The Terrain Tile System Storage & Display Box has been designed specifically to store your terrain tiles and display your prised miniatures. Just the right size to fit on a bookshelf.

Miniatures can be displayed for all to admire behind a clear acrylic slide-in panel

You can simply slide your terrain tiles on to the provided side supports. The supports can hold full and half tiles. If you have terrain close to the tile edge, the supports can be left out.

Capable of storing up to 6 full tiles or 12 half tiles (or a mixture of the two). You can store up to 4 (10x10cm) tiles or more than this with the addition of the Storage Shelf Pack

    The terrain tile storage & display box is made from flat and plain 3mm MDF and clear acrylic.

    Dimensions - W230 x D230 x H320mm approx.

    We have produced a full guide to using our TTS(Terrain Tile System)

    Paper backgrounds & miniatures are for display purposes only are not included

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