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Our new terrain tiles are designed with interlocking edges that enable them to be positioned together neatly. The design allows the tiles to be offset by 10cm. They are self-locking as each group of tiles are placed to form a game scenario.

This FREE guide covers the following:

Terrain Tile Making Basics

Seal and prime it. The terrain tiles are made from 100% 3mm MDF. We suggest using a base primer / sealer to give the best grounding for the terrain work. The tiles may occasionally ‘warp’ when wet materials are applied. If there is any movement in the tile, leave each stage to dry fully and gently bend them into shape.

Layout and Design. Before gluing things down, sketch things out. Layout the features and buildings. Lay tiles together to get a feel for how they ‘flow’.
Make sure the marked (TTS) side of each tile is facing up to ensure each tile locates to the next tile.

Terraforming. The tiles are designed so your gaming space can be reconfigured, each tile can be turned, repositioned or replaced. The size and shape of the game space can be moulded easily to different scenarios.

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