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The Medieval Town & Country Battle Set provides everything a noble gamer needs to start their next 15mm project by providing enough terrain to cover a good portion of a 6' x 4' game table.

The sets included in this big and heavy bundle are:

  • L501 - 15mm ECW Sconces (Star Fort x4 corners, x3 straights, x1 gated straight)
  • L502 - 15mm ECW Ravelins (x4)
  • L503 - 15mm Timber Framed Farmhouse
  • L504 - 15mm Small Medieval Barn
  • L505 - 15mm Large Medieval Barn
  • L506 - 15mm Medieval Windmill
  • L507 - 15mm Timber Framed Watermill
  • L508 - 15mm Medieval Church
  • L509 - 15mm Timber Framed Cottages (x3)
  • L511 - 15mm Timber Framed Manor House
  • L513 - 15mm Timber Framed Manor Gatehouse
  • L514 - 15mm Manor Wall Sections (x12)
  • L515 - 2x 15mm Timber Framed Narrow Town House
  • L516 - 2x 15mm Timber Framed Wide Town House
  • L517 - 15mm Medieval Butter Cross

We've included a scouring pad to use as thatching material - Need to know how to make it look authentic? Read this guide [here]


Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

Any models or accessories shown are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Dimensions covers an table area up to W400 x D300 x H85mm (approx.)
Product Features Etched detailing
Material MDF
Contents 16x buildings, x12 walls, x4 Ravelin & x1 complete Star Fort

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