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The High to Low Link Wall Set, designed in a way to join various other ruined city sets, they also have a unique design that allows other sections to lock into them or on top of them (yet to be revealed), to allow for a truly grand design!

This set contains;

1x High to Low Link Wall Set (x2 sections with stack feature) - 100x100mm tile sections (x2)

The High to Low Link Wall Set is just one part of a much larger collection, first revealed in Chapter One and the starter set that can be found here: The Ruined City.

With its unique modular system and evocative design, The Ruined City can be used to create the intricate streets and galleries of Frostgrave II, Osgiliath or the bleak and open ruins of Kings of War, Oathmark and Warlords of Erehwon.

This is just the beginning of your exploration of The Ruined City. More will be revealed as the mists part and you tune in to our weekly Facebook Live chat this
Thursday 13th August 19:10 GMT.

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