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From where the Duke of Wellington stood, on the extreme right were the chateau, garden and orchard of Hougoumont, a large and well-built country house. On his extreme left was the walled farm of Papelotte. Both Hougoumont and Papelotte were fortified and garrisoned anchoring his flanks securely. On the western side of the main road and in front of the rest of Wellington's line, was the garrisoned farmhouse and orchard of La Haye Sainte. Due to these iconic buildings and his force's positioning, it presented a formidable challenge to any attacking force.

These Sarissa Precision buildings and sets are perfect for Napoleonic games such as General De Brigade, Le Feu Sacre, Black Powder, Chosen Men, Silver Bayonet and Shako. In fact, the farms and buildings are representative of many similar farms in the region and will separate into individual buildings and barns that will work perfectly for many 18th to 20th-century World War Europe locations.

This huge value bundle contains the following kits:

NAP01E - La Belle Alliance (15mm)

H504 - Plancenoit Church (15mm)

H505 - Papelotte Farm (15mm)

NAP06E - Chateau Hougoumont (15mm)

NAP03E - La Haye Sainte (15mm)

H507 - Post Windmill (15mm)

NAP02E - Decoster's house (15mm)


This is a heavy bundle at almost 6kg, as such it will have a shipping surcharge applied at checkout.

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