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Chapter Three.

Chapter Three of The Ruined City, allows you to expand your Chapter One and Chapter Two sets into a table with endless possible designs. With more walls of various heights and a modular tower, your wizards and adventurers will have plenty of places to hid or explore within The Ruined City.

With its unique modular system and evocative design, The Ruined City can be used to create the intricate streets and galleries of Frostgrave, Mordheim or the bleak and open ruins of Kings of War, Oathmark and Warlords of Erehwon.

This set contains;

1x Low Corner Walls set 1 (1 corner wall section, 1 corner wall with door section) (FG02) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

1x Low Walls set 3 (1 Wall section, 1 double window section) (FG05) - 100x100mm tile sections (2)

1x High Corner Wall (FG11) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall with Two Windows (1 section with stack feature) (FG14) - 100x100mm tile section

1x High Wall with One Window (1 section with stack feature) (FG13) - 100x100mm tile section

1x Tower Base (1 corner tower with door) (FG17)

1x Tower level 1 (1 stackable tower level with window) (FG27)

1x Tower level with Crenelation (1 stackable tower level with crenelations) (FG28)

Image1 shows a setup in 400x200mm area if used in a locked setup. You can scatter for a larger area or join with The Ruined City Chapter One set for infinite setup options.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

“A thief in the ruins, I have the power. Life and death are my currency, should I choose. From this tower, I survey the broken walls and those who scour them.

But something else also stirs. The City itself is changing. Once stoic walls now seem to lift themselves, rotating, shifting, re-locating. What new force can do such a thing I know not but the streets no longer run straight and true. Like shifting sands in the river, the ruined city is ever-changing.”

Excerpt from The Ruined City Chapter Three

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