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Greco Roman Ring Temple - A Simple Painting Guide

by Gary Peach
Greco Roman Ring Temple - A Simple Painting Guide

So what's the aim of your Objective?

This is a quick paint and terrain guide aims to show how a few simple techniques and a few materials can create a really immersive piece of terrain. In fact a small diorama that can be used for gaming or just look nice on the shelf.


Gary Faulkner
is head of the design department at Sarissa Precision and both he and the design team work hard to turn ideas and concepts into reality.
He is also responsible for all the painted kits you see on the Sarissa Precision website.

He recently wrote a series of award winning articles on working with MDF for Wargames Illustrated, so he knows what he’s talking about. This guide has been created to give you the quickest results with minimal effort whilst using easy to source supplies.

We have also made this tutorial available as a FREE download click here to get your copy


Assemble it First

Painted MDF can look a little bit lifeless or clinical. Adding textured paints and some simple vegetation can lift a kit from good terrain to neat little table diorama, an objective of desire. The first stage here is to get the temple assembled. The picture shows a number of spray paints and spray glue.


Now for the Can, Can!


Shake your cans well baby! I've used a graffiti paint for my base coat. Straight onto the MDF. It's a high pigment paint and covers really well. I sometimes use a stone or sand texture paint, as a base, before the first colour coat.

Next I'm 'spot' spraying a mix of 2 tones of grey paint. This breaks up the base colour ready for the next spray paint.

I'm using a 'marble' effect spray paint to get stoney, weathered texture. It's not pretty but once finished adds to the 'reality' of the final piece.


Stains of Age.

With all that texture wash the whole thing over with a colour wash. This adds depth and accentuates the texture paint.

You knew there'd be some dry brushing involved. Just a little to highlight the texture some more.


Vines and Vegetation

Its rubbery stuff. Using scissors, cut the matting into strips of about 5mm wide. Spray the whole of the building with glue, heavily


Wrapping, Pulling and Sticking


Tag the strips to the bottom of the columns and gently wrap them round. Spiral up or trail them up.

As the whole of the build was sprayed with glue you can add clumps in any place a plant may find a crack to take hold.

The clumping material comes in packs with 2 tones of green so you can mix and match to get variation and depth to the effect.




Clumps of green can look a little lifeless too, so I add a little extra in the form of scenic leaves. I don't know what else to call it really. Spray the whole build in glue, again. Sprinkle and press the leaf material where you want it. Give the whole thing a shake and tap to take off the excess. 

Use a clean brush to clean off any unwanted 'leaves' on the stone.


Start to Finish - Total time

3hrs and 15mins to get the colour and the weathering you want for your table.




Spray Paints

Montana Gold - Elm 8000

Humbrol Acrylic Spray - Sea Grey 27

Humbrol Acrylic Spray - Grey 64

Craig & Ross Artisan - Marble Effect - White


Super Glue Gel (Sarissa- Precision Ltd)

Matt Spray - Belton (Molotow Artist) Matt 400ml

Spray Glue


Acrylic Paints

Citadel Layer - Ushtabi Bone

Ravell (Matt) (361-05) Weis - White

Ink Washes

Citadel Shade - Agrax Earthshade (Matt or Gloss)


(Supplied by Arcane Scenery and Models).

Jordan Scenics - Tree Foliage

Leaf Material - Guagemaster Leaves Medium Green GM157


Established in 2010, Sarissa Precision Ltd. has evolved into the industry’s leading manufacturer of (reasonably) awesome MDF model kits. Our range of expertly designed kits includes buildings and accessories for many periods and settings as diverse as the Dark Ages, WWII, SciFi and more. Working with leading companies - Warlord Games, Oathsworn Miniatures, Mantic Games and Footsore Miniatures & Games, Sarissa Precision also produce a number of bespoke lines for bestselling games such as Gates of Antares, Burrows and Badgers, The Walking Dead: All Out War and Gangs of Rome. 

by Gary Peach