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Master Maker - Sarissa Precision Approved!

by Staff Account
Master Maker - Sarissa Precision Approved!

We’ve got a special new logo that we know you’ll want to add to your awesome work so here’s how!

 Master Maker Awards May 2022 Launch Montage


Over the years we’ve seen some spectacular results of your time and our terrain. Going forward, we want to properly say thank you for sharing and reward those that stand out from the crowd be it by how they’ve incorporated our terrain into a diorama, set out a visually stunning game table or dramatic detail in a single piece(s)


The Master Maker SP approved logo is going to be our way of saying thank you and recognising your endeavours and winning one is as easy as sending in a picture of your completed Sarissa Terrain to or better still using #SPMastermaker in your social post.


The team you’ll have to convince will include the bosses Steve Tricia and AJ, plus scenery guru Gary (head of SP Design) and RichC, not to mention the rest of the #AwesomeinMDF Sarissa Team 😉


Remember, it isn’t just about the final paintwork. Often our choice could be all about the composition of a photo or the top tips you’ve given for working with the MDF kit(s). Ultimately, its inspiration we’re looking to share with everyone and to say thank you for sharing your love for this hobby with us and the community.


Good luck, Steve C.



Roll Of Honour




If you have a terrain piece you think we should see or you think your name should be  on this list then please don't hesitate to send us an email at and we'll see you added soon!

Kwerkimodels is a Sarissa Precision Master Maker


Jamie aka Mugsofdoom Master Maker Award Winner
John Savage Master Maker Award Winner
Neil Bosher (aka @carpe.pisces) Master Maker Award Winner
Beau Schultz Master Maker Award Winner
Bert Lubbers Master Maker Award Winner
Rob Donoghue Master Maker Award Winner
Rich Builds Master Maker Award Winner
Alcarez Renunico Master Maker Award Winner Joe_Wargamer Master Maker Award Winner
John Savage Master Maker Award Winner
Gary Lowe - Castle Adam Dews Master Maker Award Ruined House Robin Lous Master Maker Award - Belle Alliance
Chris Caves Snr Master Maker Award Stalingrad Frank Sultana Master Maker Award Old West Town Impatient Modeller Master Maker Award Terrain Tiles
Phil Kraft Master Maker Award Terrain Tiles Piers Brand Master Maker Award Factory 20mm Rowland Judge Master Maker Train conversion
Shaun McLaughlin Master Maker Award Factory Les Keffel Master Maker Award Wood Effect
Jari Tikkanen Master Maker Award Winner
Gergely Gombos Master Maker Award Battlefield Thomas Wood Master Maker Award Dhow
by Staff Account