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Remember..."The Alamo"

by Staff Account
Remember..."The Alamo"

The battle site of the Alamo demands much thought for the table top gamer, how big do you go, how far out into the landscape do you take your charges from. It is an epic battle that demands attention to its detail as much as its size.


We kickstarted our 28mm version to successful completion back in 2020 and it had a great reception. With details such as removable roofs that when removed leave behind a ruin effect building, pop out ruined sections from a wall etc.

Check out the 28mm Alamo range here




Now in 20mm

Our upcoming 20mm Alamo is based on our 28mm vision. Thought and time has been taken to keep its Epic-ness while keeping its flexibility and multi-functionality.




Most notable is the change to the height of the doors, ensuring it fits with various ranges of 20mm figures. We have to say the 20mm scale Alamo set looks possibly even more spectacular laid out in full than the 28mm version!



Bring a striking aesthetic to your tabletop!

Again, we have utilised our Terrain Tile System enabling you to easily separate the terrain pieces and reconfigure your layout into 'compounds' or villages for other game locations or perhaps other periods and places of warfare. The Terrain Tile bases also allow you to lock them together, so no mid-game gaps open up.




Maybe you'll be tempted to go to town 'Diorama' style with each terrain piece or start small with the single pieces and gradually grow your collection. Either way, be sure to share your progress over on our social media 





by Staff Account