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Return to the Ruined City

by Staff Account
Return to the Ruined City

Enter the Ruined City with your Wizard and their followers... beware of the ever-changing terrain, sheer drops, bridges to nowhere and enemies lurking behind almost every ruined wall!


We love a good adventure into the unknown! We're gearing up for our own D&D adventure soon but in the meantime, we're reliving our Mordheim excursions by delving into Frostgrave with our own George Asling building a rather nice selection of Ruined City terrain to explore!

George Asling builds the Ruined City by Sarissa Precision

George utilised a combination of extras for added detail, including card roof tiles to make a Butter Cross into a more appropriate derelict centrepiece...

Whilst for the main ruin, clump foliage is a simple addition as climbing vines and Ivy.

Clump Foliage adds a dimension of extra realism  Card Tiles Strips for super details


With these first pieces finished the plan is to move onto a tower and bridges.





Interlocking Modularity

The Ruined City range is super modular, allowing you to build grand mansions and rambling ruins to explore in your next adventure...

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by Staff Account