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The Simple Terrace House - Book Kit #1

by AJ Hagues
The Simple Terrace House - Book Kit #1


It's now 1 year since the release of our Guide to Making and Painting Laser Cut MDF Model Kits and the response has been incredible. 

Each section of the book features a different kit as it works through techniques so we thought we'd go through each of them and talk about that section and the kit used. Some of these kits are, or were, unreleased but don't worry we'll get to them all.

Book Kit #1 - The Simple Terrace House

One of our most popular kits probably due to the flexibility of where and how you can use it and model it for your games or displays. We used a 28mm version in the guide but there are 15mm and 20mm versions of the kit and lots of variants of them in our World War Europe range for all three scales. There is also a destroyed version of each and you can buy extra floors for these kits making them very flexible.

In the guide Gary uses simple brush techniques to get a great result with minimum effort using brushes alongside artist acrylics, model acrylics or household emulsions. Lots of different paints that are readily available and also equally useable. 

The above example shows the same basic building kit with multiple different techniques demonstrated in the book to get a completely different look, feel and style.

Video Guides

To backup the book we've done a number of video guides on our Youtube channel. One entire series deals with using this kit in different guises as shown above using different techniques. The first video in the series can be seen below.


We'll have more videos and blog articles coming and we've even got PDF guides supporting all the techniques you'll ever need to use when building, painting and working with laser-cut MDF buildings. Just check out our Hobby section today!

by AJ Hagues