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Full-colour Kickstarter Now Live

by Staff Account
Full-colour Kickstarter Now Live

Have you seen this?

 Support Sarissa Precisions upcoming Full-colour Dice Tower Kickstarter this summer


Sign up over on the Kickstarter page to support our new project:

Why Kickstarter?

Well, in 2019, we began a project to produce full-colour accessories to enhance people's games. We invested in equipment and started to design products. But then COVID happened, and we entered a challenging period where we were swamped and had to work safely to protect everyone. Our schedule and plans changed, and the team's focus was to navigate our way through the pandemic.

Fast forward to present-day 2022, and we feel now is the right time to bring our project to fruition.

We make a lot of very cool kits, but fully printed kits are new to us. We've been making kits for our trade partners and ourselves for over ten years; therefore, the design and production processes are not new. Being full-colour is a very different offer, so Kickstarter seemed like a great way to launch full-colour dice towers offering something entirely new.


FREE shipping on all and any quantity of dice towers

Free Shipping

Simply Awesome, we are not charging extra for shipping. Shipping is free for any pledge level to anywhere in the world. And, if you are in the EU, we will ship your pledge using IOSS so there will be no import VAT or charges on receipt. (more info on IOSS into the EU can be found HERE)


All the towers...

With only a few hours to go, we have been given the green light to include the Ruined Wizards Tower by Sarissa Head Honcho Steve. The image below shows both the flat and assembled versions of the Ruined Wizards Tower in all their glory. We will unlock this final dice tower if we reach £5,500 before the Kickstarter ends.

Ruined Wizards Tower Dice Tower - Sci-fi Grunge
Dice Tower - Limes Tower Dice Tower - Clear
Dice Tower - Gnome
Dice Tower - Atlantic Bunker
Dice Tower - Cinema
Dice Tower - Sci-Fi Octo
Dice Tower - Dark Age Timber Dice Tower - City Block
Dice Tower - Dystopian Dice Tower - Fantasy Tower
Dice Tower - Castle Dice Tower - Pool Hall
Dice Tower - Japanese Dice Tower Sci-Fi



With our head of design Gary Faulkner (aka March Attack), we’re dedicated to making the best possible buildings, ships, planes, vehicles and accessories for your game tables. If you are a shop or major manufacturer yourself, we could be able to help you with your project so contact us HERE.

by Staff Account