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Why Should You Create a Website Account?

by AJ Hagues
Why Should You Create a Website Account?

Do you have an account on the website? If not then you really should sign up for one, especially if you are outside the UK. For one, it will make things easier for you when browsing and deciding which of our kits you can spend your hard earned pennies on. Plus;


Personal Wishlist

A great feature in each product is the 'Wishlist' button. This enables you to save items into a Personal Wishlist, you can then send on to family members as a birthday 'hint' or as an easy way to work out the composition of your next tabletop...

 Add to Wishlist is easy with an Account

Pricing excluding VAT

The main reason to make an account if you are outside the UK is likely to be VAT.

If you are outside the UK and logged into your Sarissa Precision Account you will see all pricing 'excluding' VAT. If you are not logged in you will see the UK price until you begin to complete checkout and enter where in the world you are at that point, the VAT will then come off the total at the end of checkout. 


Two clicks and add your details

It's as simple as two clicks, add your details and shop!

1. Click on 'My Account'

First Click - the Account button

2. Click on 'Register'

Click two - register for an account

Then fill out the form, simple!


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by AJ Hagues