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Quick & Simple Painting Guide #1 - A Quick Look

by Steve Cumming
Quick & Simple Painting Guide #1 - A Quick Look

We offer a number of free downloadable hobby guides for working on our MDF kits written by multi talented Gary who not only designs and paints the kits but also went on to publish an awesome book covering many techniques and tips on this subject, the book can be found HERE. One perhaps overlooked freebie is the first of the guides we produced which dispels the myths around painting MDF kits and shows there is no need to prime and seal.

The guide shows us how to use readily available materials to slap one coat on and get your kit on the table. In this guide we paint before we assemble and the guide goes on to show some other simple methods of adding some shade and weathering but you don’t need to do that right away and that can be another project.

The kit used on the guide is our characterful Maison Forte which is available in 15/20/28mm sizes which can be found HERE.

The building that our Maison Forte is based upon is actually a real building (MF10) The Montmedy sector of the Maginot line covered the 60km frontage between Sedan and Longuyon. As it faced the supposedly impenetrable Ardennes forest, this sector of the line was less heavily defended than others, with the fortifications mostly composed of fortified blockhouses and concrete casemates.

MF10 is one of many fortified houses built along the Belgian frontier in 1938. The primary defensive structure was a reinforced concrete bunker, fitted with firing slits for small arms and light anti-tank weapons. The second floor provided a living space for a section of defenders along with some limited visual camouflage. 

You can find MF10 along the lonely frontier road heading north-west out of Fleigneux in the Champagne-Ardennes region of France. Situated just outside the town of Sedan, MF10 would have been directly in the path of the German advance across the Meuse in May 1940. As it guarded one of the principal eastern approaches to Sedan, it is likely that MF10 would have been neutralised by elements of the 1st Panzer Division as they advanced across the frontier. All five men of the 10th A/T Battery, 78th Artillery Regiment bravely gave their lives. The building now stands as a permanent memorial to them.

Discover more information in the free guide blog post here and be sure to look for the ultimate guide to working with laser cut MDF kits from our head of design and award-winning author of these Quick and Simple Paint Guides:

MDF Guide Book plus PDF


by Steve Cumming